Macchine formatrici per paste ripiene


A new patented multifunction modular machine for fresh pasta equipped with a cylindrical kneading tank for the production of short pasta that is ejected in over 400 shapes. Equipped with a cutter knife, this product is ideal for the catering industries, hotels and small craft shops.
Completely dismountable, washable and can be even sanitized in the dishwasher.
MAC-20, using the application of the “ravioli machine” module, produces single sheet ravioli. The mould is interchangeable and it is equipped with a hydraulic stuffing system.
The filling, soft or hard, is ejected either continuously or in portions, thanks to a rod that dose it.
This process allows the production of many typical regional high-gastronomy shapes as if they were “handmade 11”.
lt is built in compliance with current regulations.

Drawn short pasta (standard shape) 20-25 Kg/h
Single sheet ravioli 30-80 Kg/h
Power 3 Kw
Power supply Three-Phase 400V 50Hz
Size (mm) 1065x1340x2200
Weight 280 Kg

Main components:

  • Self-standing machine on wheels
  • 13/15 Kg kneading tank capacity
  • Drawing group with cutter knife for short pasta
  • Patented “Raviolatrice” module
  • Interchangeable mould for single sheet ravioli

The electrical panel with the control system is equipped with the necessary safety devices. lt is built according to the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and complete with the Electrical Panel ManualĀ and use and maintenance instructions.