stuffed pasta automatic forming machinery

Electric pasteurizer

Electric pasteurizer suitable for reducing the bacterial load of the product processed by means of rising steam.

Self-supporting structure in AISI 304.
Pasteurisation chamber cover made of AISI 304 sheet metal with rock wool cavity that can be opened manually sarcophagus-style by means of servo-assisted gas pistons.
Stainless steel water tank with electric heating elements, belt with jointed wire mesh, humidity extractor hoods, and drying area with helical fans
Adjustable support feet, independent variable speed drive gearmotor, rubber-coated rollers with food-grade rubber for moving the stainless steel belt, and a series of heating lamps installed in the final ventilation area for product drying.
Stainless steel electrical panel installed on the machine with inverter with potentiometer to vary the speed of the gearmotor.
Pasteurisation chamber length 1250 mm, useable stainless steel belt 500 mm, with heating element drying area and fan.